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Our fully-featured workspace dashboard to meet all incident response needs with just a single click. Once threat detection is done, the threats are assigned automatically to the corresponding team. StegoSOC has separate teams for response handling, cyber forensics and compliance.

The tier 2 team deals with incident response handling, and tier 3 manages forensics and compliance. Each of the team members has access to a no-signin tool kit, which helps analysts to do their analysis on the affected instance with just a single click. The need to manage passwords and key-files is totally eliminated, which in turn enables analysts to provide better security & privacy for your cloud network.

StegoSOC workflow is built to know its users and intelligently allocate and escalate tasks to relevant stakeholders.


Incident Response Kit

It is equipped with tools for process analysis, system check, user analysis, file system analysis, network analysis and threat prevention.


Forensics Kit

Equipped with malware analysis tools to monitor timeline trackers and integrity check portals.


Compliance Kit

Focused on PCI DSS and CIS benchmarking, it has all the requisite audit tools to check the specific issues and pain points.

All tool kits are integrated with threat intel and lifecycle management capabilities, a unique feature to get detailed information on threats and incidents. Finally, once the cases are solved, a report is automatically prepared and shared with the tier 3 members for final approval.

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