Anomaly Detection:

StegoSOC AI Agent enables enterprises to identify anomalous behaviour of the adversaries accessing their services hosted on a public cloud by applying unsupervised machine learning techniques on web access logs.

StegoSOC AI Agent is capable of detecting anomalous occurrences in a certain number of previous hourly windows starting from the current time. Once the outliers have been detected in a certain time duration, the security analyst can further investigate the log files in that time duration, thereby empowering the security analyst in terms of minimizing their effort while manually scrutinizing the log files.

In addition StegoSOC AI Agent also aids an enterprise to diagnose IP addresses that performed suspicious activities on the public cloud in a given time interval and further estimates the frequently accessed resource on the server by those IP addresses. This feature also assist security analyst to concentrate their efforts on specific IP addresses only.

Following figure illustrates the architecture on which our StegoSOC AI Agent is based: