What is wrong with my on-prem security operations center (SOC) ?

What is wrong with my on-prem security operations center (SOC) ?
If you have decided to buy on-prem SOC, your IT department has to handle most of following steps deploy it and manage it.

Develop, implement, and execute the standard procedures for the administration, backup, disaster recovery, and operation of infrastructure, including:
–Operating system security hardening
–Backup management
–Capacity planning
–Change management
–Version or patch management
–Lifecycle upgrade management

Develop and maintain all the components to perform as expected and meeting established service-level objectives for system uptime.
Perform routine equipment checks and preventative maintenance.
Maintain up-to-date documentation of designs or configurations.
Respond to after hours (on-call support) infrastructure issues as required.
Be responsible for new product release management, policy and integration testing, security testing, and vendor management.
Maintain hardware or software revisions, security patches, hardening, and documentation.
Develop and deploy content for infrastructure, including use cases for dashboards, active channels, reports, rules, filters, trends, and active lists.
The engineer performs all development, management, and configuration tasks related SOC
Monitor and help optimize data flow using aggregation, filters, and use cases to improve the SOC monitoring and response capabilities.
Coordinate and conduct event collection, log management, event management, compliance automation, and identity monitoring activities.
Respond to day-to-day security change requests
Perform collateral duties and responsibilities as a backup to the security engineering role.

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