What is in store for cloud security in 2018

What is in store for cloud security in 2018
Well it easy to open with a statement saying every enterprise is going to be impacted by cyber threats. Next question is can we prevent it? Answer is no. But we can detect it when there is an attack and we can detect it quickly and control the damage. This is intent of new cyber laws like GDPR. Department of Financial Regulations NY. Every other country, including, China and India, implementing cyber regulations. Pl note it is not compliance. It is cyber regulation. This is clear signal how important this is going to be for enterprises who hold customer data and how it has to be handled. In 2018 enterprises are going to gear up to meet lot of these regulations.

Gartner predicts enterprises are going spend considerable portion of their cloud security budget to detect cyber attacks than just prevention alone. This is big shift in cloud security. With cloud native technologies, popularly called as Datacenter 2.0 and if you add Big-data and AI it is called Datacenter 3.0, we are in position to detect lot of cyber attacks quickly. This is going to be bring in significant disruption in cloud security space. This big technology shift is going to help every enterprises big and small on to get the same cyber detection capabilities.

StegoSOC is helping to drive this disruption and innovation by automating threat detection and by bringing threat context and analytics to support investigation and remediation. In short, your CSO is delivered.

Next disruption that is coming in cyber space is cyber insurance. Enterprises protect their physical assets with insurance. Enterprises own lot of customer data. It is enterprise best asset. They should be protecting it by all means. Cyber regulations are going to levy heavy penalty in terms of enterprises annual revenue. And fines are going decided by various parameters like how long the attack gone unnoticed, whether it is just negligence, whether adequate measure where taken to prevent it whether their was good collaboration with authorities. All these require huge amount of sophisticated security operations management capabilities.

StegoSOC is building this platform to enable security operations that is aligned to cyber regulations and provide rich tools to manage these operations and support that is necessary respond to cyber threats.

How can we not talk to blockchain in cyber security space. If 2017 brought bitcoin as alternative trading currency, implementation of blockchain technologies in cyber security space is not far off. DARPA is implementing blockchain to protect all sensitive documents. DNS infrastructure will be better protected thru blockchain implementation. Sensitive data can be better handled with with blockchain. Keyless authentication is a reality with blockchain. What we are most excited and working on is how blockchain and cloud can go hand in hand to fulfill some of the use cases of CSO. 2018 is going to be tough and challenging year from cyber security point of view. StegoSOC is here to help enterprise to guide through these challenges. We are looking forward 2018.

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