StegoSOC delivers continuous security and compliance monitoring for cloud infrastructure. Helps to implement NIST Cloud Security Framework seamlessly. DevSecOps is build into it. Improves in-house security playbooks.


Any cloud

Stream security operations from any cloud to any cloud.


Highly Scalable

Reliable and resilient architecture that scales with workload.


One Click Deploy

Launch security operations in a few clicks.

Artificial Intelligence for Security Operations

Focus on serious security alerts that really needs human attention.


Automate SecOps Triage

SaaS-ify your cloud security operations

  • Automate your cloud security with Artificial Intelligence
  • Launch PCI compliant SOC in 10 minutes
  • Dont spend CAPEX on security operations. SaaS will do
  • Core differentiating features

    Improve SecOps Communication

    System of intelligence for cyber situational awareness, information sharing, and alerts.

    Automate the Automation

    Compliance and Incident response are automated to reduce manual invervention.

    Real-time Alerting

    Cut time to detect threats. Improve your response to threats. SOC team never had it this easy before.

    Learn from Incidents

    Learn from internal and external security incidents to improve your security posture.

    Effective Security Analytics

    Improve your visibility into entire cloud infrastructure, threats and vulnerabilities.

    Actionable Information

    A platform for CISOs, operations team to know their security posture end to end.


    Cloud Security, Simplified.

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