StegoSOC delivers continuous security and compliance monitoring for cloud infrastructure. Helps to implement NIST Cloud Security Framework seamlessly. DevSecOps is build into it. Improves in-house security playbooks.


Any cloud

Stream security operations from any cloud to any cloud.


Highly Scalable

Reliable and resilient architecture that scales with workload.


One Click Deploy

Launch security operations in a few clicks.

Artificial Intelligence for Security Operations

Focus on serious security alerts that really needs human attention.


Automate SecOps Triage

Threat Intelligence

New York

Targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs), zero-days and botnet activities are difficult to discover for security engineers with access only to information from within their own company networks – a bigger picture and deeper intelligence is needed.

Incident Response

New York

Automate low-risk and high-confidence threat containment steps to mitigate damage to your environment. StegoSOC helps you freeze an attack quickly, responds to investigate the scope of an attack and take advanced remediation steps as needed.

Vulnerability Management

New York

StegoSOC provides built-in network vulnerability assessment software with the essential capabilities you need for complete security visibility and threat intelligence, all in one easy-to-use console.

Here are a few things which make us stand out as a disruptive player in public cloud security.


Complete security information on a single unified dashboard

We provide CISOs with a unified detection dashboard with all correlated and enriched information on logs, collected during the monitoring process, and one click is all it takes for deployment. Customers get to know about their security stand on all cloud-based platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform etc.


Threat detection in 2 days compared to 200 days

Mean time for incident detection and response is 200 days. We do it in 2 days with our advanced AMI. Also, security analysts at StegoSOC work with no sign-in toolkits, which eliminate the need for passwords or key file management.


100 out of 10000 most important log alerts which are worth a CISO’s time & attention

We filter the most critical information required for expedited management of security issues. That’s why we provide CISOs with the 100 most important log alerts, which is worth their time & attention.

The StegoSOC Advantage



Cloud Security, Simplified.

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